Black Cat Chronicles #3 PDF copy only - Nate Olson Cover

Black Cat Chronicles #3 PDF copy only - Nate Olson Cover

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Black Cat Publishing

(W) Francesca Maria (A) Nate Olson

Welcome Kittens to another issue of Black Cat Chronicles where truth is scarier than fiction. In this third issue: Black Cat Chronicles: Invasion Antarctica, we'll explore the deep mysteries in the coldest part of the world, Antarctica. 

Not only is Antarctica home to the some of the most bizarre creatures on the planet, it also boasts blood waterfalls and under ice volcanoes. But the natural wonders of the continent do not compare to the strange secret military operations conducted by the Nazis, United States and Britain just before, during and after World War II. 

Why would military resources, already stretched so thin, carry out expensive and dangerous expeditions to the most inhospitable location on the planet? What were they after and what, if anything, did they uncover?

Join us fearless reader, as the Black Cat narrates this strange and unexpected tail that is truly scarier than fiction.