Black Cat Chronicles #1 - Nate Olson Cover
Black Cat Chronicles #1 - Nate Olson Cover

Black Cat Chronicles #1 - Nate Olson Cover

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Black Cat Publishing

(W) Francesca Maria (A) Nate Olson

Black Cat Chronicles are true tales of horror hosted by the Black Cat. This inaugural issue of the Black Cat Chronicles will showcase the story of Scotland's infamous Greyfriars Cemetery. The Greyfriars Cemetery is notorious for it's present day hauntings spurred on by one of the cemetery's most notorious residents, George 'Bluidy" MacKenzie. 

MacKenzie loved to torture and maim members of the religious sect called the Covenanters. Undeterred by death, MacKenzie continues to wreak havoc on unsuspecting victims while his bones lay tucked away in his Gothic tomb. 

MacKenzie's Tomb

This story has so many twists and turns that it leaves the reader second guessing whether this is a true account or an imaginative work of fiction. Let me assure the reader, this story is not a fairy tale. This is a true account of one of the most horrendous acts of violence in Scotland's checkered past, a violence which continues to this very day. 

Includes card stock cover. 

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